How to get clients in Russian speaking countries


  If you think your business might be linked to Russian speaking market, the best for you - to have someone to help you with your business in Russian speaking area, someone who may assist you and arrange your sales or offers in Russian market, ┬áSomeone bilingual and active. Specially if this person has connections not ...

Localize your business and open new foreign market


Everyone try to make new possibilities for their business and everyone wants to reap its benefits. What is Website Localization? Localization goes beyond merely having to translate website content, and it connects with consumers on a personal level, builds your brand image in a way that is both accessible and unique. In short, localization is about building trust to ...

Top 3 luxury hotels in Kiev


I will just advise you the best luxury hotels in Kiev. 11 mirrors - the design of this hotels just make all people feel comfortable , near main Kiev attractions and nightlife. Book how   Other hotel you should look for -Intercontinental hotel in Kiev Stylish design, top level hotel, I adore the views from there to st ...